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Monday       : 9:30am - 5:00pm

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Opening Notes:

Please call our offices to make an appointment during our opening hours or drop in at our office. Home visits are available for the disabled and elderly.

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Hence, HARWG role is to enhance its community's decision-making processes and actions in such a way that:

i) they rescue themselves from current under-development;

ii) they initiate, establish and improve their development processes.

In this context,
HARWG plans and implements with and through its community, low cost and confidence building activities on existing realities as the starting point. This is an awesome and obviously unenviable task, given the overwhelming accumulated ills of the past.

Charity Initiatives in Horn of Africa

Overall Development Objectives and Strategies

Recognition for HARWG grew out of the problems concerning the Somali refugee returnees to Somaliland . The elite and elders who had been refugees in Ethiopia for some 12 years, returned to lack of resources and very basic amenities. Returnee children could not continue their education and the sick could not get treatment for various conditions.

The founders of HARWG are those who worked in helping the destitute returnees in rehabilitation programmes. With the participation of the community, they initiated small scale clinics, preparatory schools, mosques, garbage centres, primary health care oriented programmes, and also organised self-help schemes clearing main roads of rocks, trees and other debris.

HARWG therefore needs and sincerely requests the help of national and international organisations concerned with and active in relief, rehabilitation and development to;

Support HARWG in it's relief work,
as the deprived Somaliland people currently lack material resources
as well as the self-confidence necessary for their personal and
collective development.

Given such support, HARWG is confident in distributing fairly any material provided to these most needy deprived people..

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