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Please call our offices to make an appointment during our opening hours or drop in at our office. Home visits are available for the disabled and elderly.

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Horn of Africa refugee Welfare group was formed by concerned Citizens from Horn Of Africa in response to the appalling state of affairs prevailing in the region of Horn of Africa in light of opportunities offered by the international communities. In short, the Horn of Africa people are victims of severe under-development made manifest by very high levels of physical and psychological deprivation. This level of human suffering is the result of the compounded effects of natural catastrophes, subjugation, wars and environmental degradation.

HARWG’s approach is based on its belief that development should be viewed as a continuous process of improvement in the lives of people, who always aspire to a decent livelihood which essentially entails the physical and ethical aspects of their existence, at the individual and social levels.


HARWG firmly believes that:


a) The development process is first and foremost the responsibility of the people whose lives are affected by any development effort (i.e. the development owners);



b) External assistance is not beneficial if not properly utilised;


c) The appropriate utilisation of the endowed human values and capabilities is the most crucial determinant of human development;


d) The current appalling conditions of the Somaliland resulting form lack of government unable to provide essential social services like education, health and food. , civil wars and famine.


e) Any meaningful development work in the region could be established if and only if criteria a, b and c above are adopted as the guiding principles of development endeavours.


Charity Initiatives in Horn of Africa

Overall Development Objectives and Strategies


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